Social media careers 101

Who is interested in social media careers?

1)     Someone who is active on facebook/twitter, and does free lancing

Benefits of Freelancing

  1. It doesn’t need investment/formal training to start
  2. Source of earning extra money besides regular work

2)     Information Technology acumen looking to go for creativity, excitement and fun

3)     Formal exposure from the company’s marketing communication department

4)     Marketing communication professionals who wants to explore the social media foot-print

5)     Social media forums for promoting small business/e-commerce activities

6)     Companies want to reach new set of customers who likes to change channels in TV and doesn’t read news papers/other print media

2) Why somebody is interested in social media careers?

  1. Many freelancing jobs are available to earn extra cash
  2. Believe that social media as next upcoming field in communication
  3. No other skills you can acquire so fast as social media skills
  4. Low hanging fruit – man power intensive job with service background
  5. Not much investment is required

3) What tools candidate does have to learn?

  1. Facebook page creation
  2. You tube video analytics
  3. Blogs
  4. Linked in for professional networking
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Ability to create competition in exchange of existing prizes to the best entry

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